Our Story

Duct Tape Patriot was founded in 2015 by Spencer Waite and Scott Sneer. Both Waite and Sneer share a passion for serving our veterans and active duty military. Scott Sneer had been working on a brand and a song about his grandfathers for fun, and stumbled onto the fact that Duct Tape was actually invented during WWII. Both of Sneers’ grandfathers had served in WWII. One of them served in the Navy and the other in the Army. Spencer’s grandpa served in the army during WWII. Many other family members would follow in their footsteps, both serving in the armed forces and using excessive amounts of Duct Tape. As Waite and Sneer discussed a potential plan to launch a non profit for veterans and active duty military, they couldn’t escape the thought of using Duct Tape Patriot.

Between Spencer Waite and Scott Sneer, they have served thousands of veterans and active duty military.

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